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                                            1. Technical effects of lighting
                                            The stage lighting can change in a short period of time without measuring various colors, creating a good stage art performance atmosphere. When the stage lights are turned on, other lights in the performance hall are turned off, so that the visual effects of fans focus on the stage. The changes of stage lighting tone and orientation provide us with different visual experience. The different colors of stage lighting can create different emotional atmosphere and promote the emotional fluctuation of the audience.
                                            The stage lighting can only play a practical effect if it is integrated into the requirements of the main venue. The lighting in the stage of the Spring Festival Gala generally adopts the warm color system, yellow, red and connecting colors to give the audience a warm and comfortable feeling and build a harmonious and calm atmosphere of the family longed for by Chinese culture. The difference of lighting and the transformation of sound equipment show the overall light color scene. Stage speakers can bring fans to a cultural and natural environment different from their daily living environment according to effective adjustment.
                                            Lighting technology is a major part of today's power system software, which mainly shows different light tones according to changing its own structure. Lighting technology is widely used in today's stage art performance, but compared with the actual effect of stage performance in capitalist countries, stage performance in China is at a low level in the application of lighting and sound equipment. With the continuous progress of stage performance and plastic arts, the innovation of lighting technology can be completed faster. In the stage performance, build an appropriate natural environment atmosphere to better reflect the style of stage art.
                                            The cold and warm colors of stage lights cooperate with each other to produce regional popularity and freeze and clean the stage time in an instant. Stage lighting can clearly reflect the expression of artists in stage performance, and improve the actual effect of dance beauty design according to various forms of collocation. Stage lighting is different from the performance of sound equipment and stage artists. Artists can adjust flexibly according to the requirements of drama performance. The adjustment of light and sound equipment requires manual intervention in the performance to find the corresponding song and light adjustment points, so as to improve the flexibility of the actual effect of stage performance. It is stipulated that the interior designer of dance beauty design shall fully master the Taiwan based performance regulations and effectively layout and distribute the application of lighting and sound equipment.
                                            2. Effect of stage sound effect
                                            With the cooperation of stage lighting and sound equipment, a harmonious atmosphere can be built. With the changes of lighting songs and lights, we can predict the plot development trend and role changes of the short story in advance. The transformation of role emotion is inseparable from the mutual cooperation of light and music. Therefore, the coordination of stage light and music is the requirement of the actual effect of drama performance.
                                            Stage lighting and sound equipment are the main special tools to set off the natural environment in stage performance. Effective lighting can reduce the application of scenery. Stage lighting can distinguish the performance area. Selecting different lights can divide the stage into several levels to show the visual impact of three-dimensional space.
                                            The technical nature of sound equipment was first used in the song singing industry. According to the technical nature of sound equipment, the volume can be expanded to enhance the sound effect and produce more wonderful songs for the audience. Under the continuous and rapid development trend in the field of background music, the technology of audio equipment has achieved an unheard of development trend. It is widely used in a variety of song performing arts. In stage performance, according to the effective use of sound equipment technology, it can improve the style of stage performance and promote the development trend of stage art appeal.
                                            According to the effective design scheme, the sound equipment can make the audience create emotional resonance points with the changes of songs, and more deeply experience the theme activities of the character's heart. Excellent sound effect can combine specific deduction with role. The artist's operation and language expression can express the heart of the characters in the book, and the feelings of the characters can be rendered in 3D faster according to different music rhythms.
                                            Stage lighting speakers are used in coordination with each other in the actual effect of the stage





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